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Truma Gas BBQ point recall

Truma recalls selected gas barbecue points

During the course of its quality assurance Truma has established that there may be leaks in the Truma gas outdoor socket and two gas removal valves.

This only affects products with a yellow handle cap and the following codes below:
This can cause gas to leak uncontrollably from the affected products. In unfavourable circumstances this can lead to gas deflagration and injuries. Truma has not heard of such a case yet.
The probability that campers will encounter this fault is very low; nevertheless Truma advises the following precautions:
Ensure that the gas system is immediately turned off. To do this, close the cylinders and/or the gas tank or the external gas supply. If the external gas socket is connected to a separate shut-off valve (e.g. on the so-called valve block), you only need to close this shut-off valve.
If there is an awning, ensure good ventilation.
Check the code below the yellow handle cap. To do this, you may have to turn the ring to read the code. Ensure that there are no ignition sources nearby during the inspection.
If your product has a code between …01.2016… and …01.2017…, please contact your dealer, a Truma Service Partner or the Truma Service Centre for a free replacement. The products may only be replaced by trained personnel; this process does not take very long. Do not use the gas system again or re-open the separate shut-off valve (e.g. on the so-called valve block) until the parts have been replaced!
If your product has a different code than those in the table above, the gas system is safe to use again.
If you have any questions, please email or call 0800 038 8910