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Here you will find some of the questions that we are asked the most

Do I need to book to attend a rally/meet?

Usually there is no need to book a place at our rallies.

Occasionally due to site size restrictions it is sometimes necessary, but this is clearly stated in the Out and About, our own Fixture Book and on this website.

Where do I find out where rallies/meets are being held?

If you look in the Out and About supplement of your club magazine you will find a list of DA rallies, divided into Regions and sections.

Just look through, and if there is one you fancy trying just bob along. If there is a phone no listed it might be worth giving it a ring just to make sure the rally is going ahead.

Some DA’s have websites and you can find information on the site about the Rallies, if not, a contact to send off for more information.

Also many DA have a fixture list, which is a list of rallies throughout the year for that DA. To obtain one of these contact the DA Secretary who should be able to supply you with the information. (A list of DA secretaries is available in your Membership Directory and in the February edition of Out & About)

Why should I try Rallying?

One of the main benefits of DA rallying, in my opinion, is the cost of site fees.

The majority of DA rallies are a lot cheaper than ordinary camping site fees, for example a lot of the rallies held in the North West Region cost less than £8 per unit per night.

You also have the added benefit of meeting new people and making friends with other like minded campers. If you have children, some DA’s have very active Youth sections for both 8-12 year olds and over 12 years olds., and they can benefit from Youth Activities held by the club throughout the year.

If you are a member of the club, please give rallying a try because it doesn’t cost anything extra to join a DA as a regular camper, and you will be getting more from your club membership fee!

What is a Rally/Meet?

A rally is a meet run by the DA, usually over a weekend. Sometimes these can be big meets with lots of activities, but usually they are just a place where campers can relax and enjoy the surrounding area. If there are activities going on it is up to you how much or how little you wish to join in, there will be no pressure placed on any member to join in the activities if they do not wish to participate.

At the majority of our meets you will need to bring your own sanitation, as the own facilities on site are often a water tap and elsan disposal.

What is a DA?

DA means District Association, and we are all part of the Camping and Caravanning Club. The club is divided into Regions and the Regions are then split into DA’s. When you join the club you are automatically allocated a DA. If you look on your membership card you will see the name of your allocated DA on your card. You do not need to camp with your allocated DA, and can in fact camp with any DA within the club. The only time you will need to co-opt into another DA is if you want to actively participate in the club, ie join the committee or have your say at the DA’s AGM (Annual General Meeting). To change your allocated DA please contact the secretary of the DA you wish to join, who will be happy to help you.