About us

Our region covers the whole of the North West of England including Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Isle Of Man, Lancashire and Merseyside. The District Associations within our Region include: Central Lancashire DA, Lakeland DA, Lancashire and Cheshire DA, Liverpool & South West Lancashire DA, Lune Valley DA, North Cumbria DA, North East Cheshire DA, North East Lancashire DA, North Lancashire DA, Roch Valley DA and South Lancashire DA. We also have a number of Special Interests Groups within the region. These are: North West Folk Dance and Song Group, Northern Area Mountain Activity Section, North West Motor Caravan Section, Cheshire BCC, RIbblesdale BCC and South Lancashire BCC.

We promote good affordable camping within Great Britian and help the region DA’s and sections to function as automonous groups with the assistance as required.
The region also runs meets and THS too to complement all the other Regions, Groups, Sections and DA’s