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Please NOTE that both the Region Council Meeting on 15th September and the Sites Clearance Meeting that was planned for 29th September have been cancelled

LSWLDA centenary meet

If your wanting to join LSWLDA for their centenary meet next May at Victoria Park, Southport then you must book with the DA using this booking form:

Centenary Booking Form


As promised, here is an update for the 2020 Trearddur Bay THS.
Tyn Rhos Camp Site (the landowner) and The Camping & Caravan Club are businesses – through their employees and your voluntary stewards, those businesses are legally obliged to take all reasonable measures to keep people 2 metres apart and maintain hygiene standards.  The shared facilities – toilets, showers and washing-up rooms – will remain closed because the landowner does not have the capacity to maintain the necessary hygiene standards and manage social distancing.
Please pre-book for the THS via nwr.sec@gmail.com.  Members should arrive on site between 11.00 am and 6.00 pm(8.00 pm Fridays) unless by prior agreement.  For general queries (not bookings) please contact meet steward Karen Sayle on 07904 453861.
Members with self-contained touring caravans and motorhomes (own kitchen, bathroom and washing facilities) can be accommodated on the THS.
As tents are not self-contained, they can only be considered for the meet if members can demonstrate (when booking) how the requirements to provide kitchen, toilet and washing facilities will be met; sharing facilities is not permitted and the landowner will not permit shower tents that allow water run off directly onto the field.
Although the landowner will not be permitting awnings on the main campsite, we have negotiated that club members can erect awnings on the THS – this agreement will be withdrawn if social distancing requirements are flouted.
There will be NO facilities to join the club at the site this year – units must be existing / current members when arriving at the meet.  Day visitors will not be permitted under any circumstances for this year also – you may meet people off site, as long as it is done within the scope of the Welsh Assembly guidance in place at the time.I am sending it to you for the Website.
The landowner has requested that a 10m separation gap be established between units and the boundary of the site when we set out the pitch markers – this will mean there are no ‘edge’ pitches this year … not that those pitches will be 10m bigger!
In order to accommodate expected high volumes within the Elsan point, only green environmentally friendly chemicals should be used in your cassette toilet.
Waste collections are often an issue in high season; with this in mind, campers are requested to leave any bulky waste with the retailer and to dispose of waste responsibly, separating recyclables from waste and squashing any empty containers, wherever possible, to minimise the volume of waste generated (more skips = higher site fees).  DO NOT send young children to the waste / recycling points and DO NOT leave any waste on the floor if the facilities are full.
It is not the intention of the stewards to place unnecessary obstacles to enjoying your holiday – the majority of these restrictions are legal requirements for coping with an unprecedented situation.  It is our hope that everyone can come and enjoy their break at the THS without putting their own health, or the health of others, at risk.  As ever, the stewards can only achieve a good meet with the help of you campers – thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Latest details from HQ relating to NFOL replacement in 2021 and Meets/THS’s starting in July 2020:

Dear Secretary
The Club, and Greenfields House, is still effectively closed and will remain so through June, although we are hopeful of being able to open our UK Club Sites in early July, subject to government guidelines, and being safe to do so.
The Executive Committee have recently discussed the viability of delivering the ‘Club Festival 2021’, the event planned to replace the NFOL.
It is with a ‘heavy heart’ the decision has been taken that it would not be appropriate, or achievable, to launch this new event in 2021, for the following reasons:
Despite the NFOL Sub-Committee’s best efforts there has been very little progress made since the February National Council meeting. It was only 5 weeks later that we were in lockdown, with staff working from home or placed on furlough leave.
The NFOL Sub Committee will not be in a position to bring a detailed proposal to the September National Council meeting. The plans are currently behind schedule and there will continue to be further slippage until normal business resumes later in the year.
Many staff are still on furlough leave, and unlikely to return to work in the near future.
The new event does carry a significant financial risk. The Executive Committee do not feel it is the right time to be taking any financial risk on ‘non-essential’ elements of the operation.
When introducing a new event, the launch is crucial in terms of its long-term success. With the tight timeframe, reduced resource and the current financial climate it is unlikely this could be achieved.
There is a chance that gatherings like this will still not be allowed under continued social distancing guidelines.
The Executive Committee are aware that this will no doubt cause disappointment but do feel this is the appropriate and responsible decision to take at this time.
The decision has also been taken to cancel all Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites with a start date in July. This will be actioned by the Exempted Camping team.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and issue new guidance as and when required.
In the meantime, please keep safe. 

All – If you have a free weekend voucher for the 2020 NW Regional Meet that was due to be held in May 2020 from your DA/Section then please note that this will remain valid for the 2021 NW Regional Meet – so keep them safe.

We have now received the following in relation to Social Camping and please note all Meets and THS’s starting in June will now be cancelled too:

Dear Secretary

Further to my communication to you on 17 March, the Executive Committee have been meeting with the Director General on a weekly basis, through this difficult time.  The longer the lockdown period lasts, the more challenging the situation becomes for the Club, especially as the timing of the lockdown has coincided with the start of our 2020 camping season.  The Club is a seasonal business, and there is now the real possibility that sites will be shut throughout our peak season.  As you would expect, all our attention and our focus is on planning for when and how we can reopen the sites, and how we manage the Club during this time of closure.

Any opening will of course be in line with government guidance and we are working with the rest of the industry to seek more information and clarity on what any post lockdown strategy may be.

As well as the unknown around timings, it’s our expectation that we will not be in a position to open the entire network, and we will certainly not be operating at full capacity – not least to ensure continued ‘social distancing’.  There will undoubtedly be other operational considerations as the Club and our camping offer adapts to fit with the ‘new normal’.

In relation to social camping, the area you are most involved in, just as we are planning for the future, we are aware that you will want to do the same, and we feel we should support you in doing this.

Currently the advice you have been given is to not participate in any Unit activity, whether it be attending social gatherings, running meets or attending meetings.  You have also been advised that virtual meetings should not be used to hold formal meetings.

However, it is becoming apparent that some of you are keen to hold meetings, to assist with future planning.  The Executive Committee discussed this on Wednesday and feel that you should be given the flexibility to hold virtual meetings during this period of lockdown, as a temporary measure.  (Of course, when we are able to return to Greenfields House and operate more normally, this matter would need to be revisited by the Administration Committee.)

This flexibility has been provided very much on the basis that each Unit can decide whether or not they want to make use of virtual meetings during this period.  It is not a requirement to recommence holding meetings.

Some of you will have held your AGM before the lockdown, others will not have been able to hold their AGM yet.  It is envisaged that AGMs will be held at the earliest opportunity – in line with the requirements set out in the VOM – once government guidelines are relaxed.  In the meantime, it would be appreciated if the current Committee remain in place.

If you do choose to hold virtual meetings, these must be held as stipulated in the Voluntary Officers Manual (VOM).

Specific points to note include:

  1. All members eligible to attend a committee meeting of the Unit must be able to access the virtual platform being used (eg, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx)
  2. Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the Unit.
  3. Recording the meeting, and producing Minutes from the meeting, are the responsibility of the Secretary.  Minutes from the meeting should be distributed in the normal way.
  4. Meetings should be arranged at the same time as normal face to face meetings would happen, so that members have the same opportunity to attend the meetings.
  5. The agenda should be appropriate for the current situation.

Suggested Agenda:

  1. Chairman’s opening remarks
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Executive Committee decisions
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Urgent correspondence
  8. Other business items
  9. Time and date of next “meeting”



Please note that the Main Committees of the Club are not meeting, and Greenfields House is currently closed.  However, any Region holding a meeting should continue to send their Minutes to Greenfields House, in the normal way, in readiness for the next Administration Committee meeting.

I’m afraid due to the reduced number of staff currently working, and our focus on core Club operational re-opening, there will be limited central support available during this period.

Also, please be aware that the decision has been taken to cancel all Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites with a start date in June.  This will be actioned by the Exempted Camping team.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and issue new guidance as and when required.

In the meantime, please keep safe.

Bob Talbot, Club Chairman

Sabina J Voysey, Director General

The following update in relation to Meets and THS’s has been received from the Camping and Caravanning Club:

Dear All

Further to the Club Chairman’s communication to you on 17 March, we are now four weeks into the lockdown period, where all our sites and Greenfields House remain closed.

The Senior Leadership Team continue to meet daily, and the Executive Committee and I meet once a week.  50% of our Greenfields House workforce is on furlough leave, with the other 50% working from home.

Email inboxes are being monitored and responded to across the Club, and I trust you are receiving answers to any questions you raise.  Please do check out the Club’s website.  We have a FAQ section dedicated to the current situation, where you should hopefully find answers to most of your questions.  We update these as and when we need to.

I just wanted to let you know that we will now also be cancelling all Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites with a start date in May.  This will be handled automatically on the exempted camping database by the Exempted Camping Team. It may be that we will need to do the same for June Meets and THS’s in due course, depending on Government guidance.

It is indeed a very strange time, and I understand that many of you will be upset that you cannot take part in the work and the socialising that Club Units are normally involved in.  However, when you think about why we are doing what we are doing – to protect the NHS and save lives – it makes sense.

Of course, we will continue to monitor the situation closely, and in due course will issue guidance on how we resume Club Unit activity.

In the meantime, please keep safe.

Kind regards


Sabina J Voysey

Director General

All C&CC Meets, THS’s and gatherings are cancelled till further notice as per the detail here in the directive from C&CC HQ

While camping with the C&CC we have a code of conduct that we should follow

These guidelines include things such as dogs on a lead, 6 metre rule, vehicular movement etc…

Click here for further details and more explanations of these guidelines

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